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Ranked #3 of 14 hotels in Datca on 3 Reviews

Traveler rating Excellent : 1 Very good : 2

Serenity in the middle of nowhere

Reviewed September 13, 2011 - 3 people found this review helpful

We stayed 8 days in this beautiful garden for a wedding ceremony. Actually the hotel was occupied by us and the rest of family. Location wise, Datca is far from every where , a remote small town with no traffic ,no pollution and no nothing ! The hotel itself is located on a beautiful hill with nice scenery. There are Villas, Suits & apartments as a cluster with 2 swimming pools ( one is close to Restaurant area and the other is up on the hill on the other side of street ) Rooms were almost clean but keep in mind that for the villas you will receive cleaning service twice a week and not daily. Villas are large enough with kitchen and TV room on the ground floor and 2 large master bedrooms on the 1st floor.
Restaurant is nice, offering local & general cuisine prepared with fresh ingredients. Free WiFi in public areas like reception, Pool & restaurant is a big big plus and internet speed is super fast. Staff are really nice and extremely helpful specially Bilal & Kizban whom we are going to miss, but please try to learn some basic Turkish phrases since most of staff are unfamiliar with English language.
Migros dept. store is 10 minutes by car where you can buy most of your daily needs.
I highly recommend this hotel to those who are looking for a vacation full of serenity , sun & nature.
We really really enjoyed our stay both for wedding and the peaceful fun that we had in Marphe.
Hope you enjoy too !

P.S. when in Datca , make sure to try Panorama restaurant and enjoy the stunning view!

Room Tip: If you are a family of 4 or more people , just go for the villas.
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Stayed August 2011, traveled with family


Peaceful compound , good rooms , nice pool

Reviewed October 1, 2010 - 4 people found this review helpful

This was probably the best place we stayed at during a four week holiday in Turkey with eleven different hotels in total. Is is a small cluster of guestrooms with a nice pool and a large shady garden area. It was all quite well thought-through and beautifully arranged. Lots of flowers.

We had one of the suites, their 'smallest' offering, which came with two good size rooms, one the bedroom, the other a lounge, separated by a kitchenette (with fridge, sink, kettle, and plenty of cutlery and crockery). It was sparsely, but tastefully furnished. The lounge could have benefitted from a TV. Free wireless reached into the lounge, but not the rear bedroom, most likely due to the thick walls which left the place pleasantly cool. The place was very quiet both at day and night time.

We stayed at the end of September, which was clearly low-low season, and there was hardly anyone else staying at the time. In fact, they were already mothballing the rooms for the winter and when we came the bathroom first had an unpleasant drain smell, which dissipated with ventilation.

Very nice and relaxing pool area, where breakfast is served. There is a limited menu for lunch and dinner and due to the late season the offerings were limited but the staff made an effort to rustle something up.

Maybe it was due to the small number of guests, but the place had a certain air of unprofessionality, nothing unpleasant and in some ways charming. But I was glad I tried to pay the evening before hour morning departure as it took a few minutes to find someone who could speak any English at all.

Without your own vehicle, the place is a five Euro, five minute taxi ride or a twenty minute walk from the center of Datca and its pleasant restaurants. There is a small supermarket maybe some 10 min away, and a Migros store maybe another five minutes.


Stayed September 2010, traveled with family


The Lovely Marphe

Reviewed July 2, 2008 - 1 person found this review helpful

The fantastic gardens at Marphe are what hit you as you first walk in - all lovingly tended to and set around a fab pool and the Bougainvilla is the best I have ever seen. The staff are really friendly and natural and easy going, although a bit of Turkish might come in handy sometimes. The rooms were tastefully decorated with kilims and interesting Turkish artefacts. We liked the apartment/hotel approach as we could take breakfast if we wanted and if we didn't want to go down town for dinner we had the option of dinner around the pool. A fridge in the room meant we could get a few basics at the nearby supermarket. We will definitely go back as this was a chance to see real Turkey without the masses of tourists like in places like Marmaris or Bodrum which is why we chose Datca in the first place. As for Marphe - it was just lovely classic Turkish hospitality at its best.

Liked — Friendly staff , Disliked — Distance from town
Stayed June 2008, traveled with family